Before you’re finished with the Media Collusion course, it’s useful to set some goals.

So, how do you want  to end up when this is complete? What’s on the other side? How can you be transformed?

Here’s a short list of reachable goals. By the time you’re finished, you’ll:

  • Have the ability to analyze and combat advertising strategies and be intentional about your consumer choices
  • Possess critical thinking skills that allow you to examine the motivations, economics and powers behind 1) Entertainment, 2) News and 3) Advertising media.
  • Have the ability to lucidly debate and explain the modern media landscape
  • Make better life decisions based on a clearer view of how the media world works

When we’re talking about the “media world” for the purposes of this book, it’s a larger animal than you might initially consider. From here on out when we say media, we’re talking about the inter-connected entities and practices that include:

  • Digital, print and broadcast publishers
  • Social media platforms
  • Public, private and non-profit influence groups
  • Traditional advertising
  • Native advertising
  • Marketing

All these will be explained in context. As you see how they’re connected, you’ll be able to guide your life choices and make more aware, less emotionally driven decisions (decisions that are often crafted by people outside of your own intentions, aspirations and goals).