Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the class meet ?

We book the conference room and clubhouse at Promontory Point (200 Promontory Drive West, Newport Beach, CA, 92660). Exact meeting and parking details here: 

Do students get high school or college credit?

We’re working on this. Please let us know if you have any expertise in this area, as it can be a laborious process. In the mean time, we’re handing out smart certificates that students can insert into their personal portfolios and college applications. 

Is the topical information political?

No. This course is about the processes and practices behind media, journalism, advertising, PR and influence/persuasion. All political parties make a lot of mistakes in these areas, and we’ll laugh at a few examples. Generally, the course doesn’t get heavily into politics.

Why can't my kids take the course online?

This option in forthcoming. In the mean time, we’re getting back to basics with in-person instruction that’s humorous, engaging and highly informative. The information will soak in deep. The course text is an actual bound book, too!

Any Questions?

(949) 244-9440

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