Excerpt from Tim Wu’s excellent advertising text, The Attention Merchants. This little bit of info is difficult to imagine these days. Yet, there was a time when Americans (world citizens, in fact) were unmolested by advertising pitches. FROM THE BOOK: As David Halberstam writes, “Whereas at the turn of the century, only an occasional door-to-door …

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FULL NO AGENDA SHOW WITH NOTES TOPICS: PR and promotion on mainstream programming. All news is good news for PR people. Get the story on the air and you’ve succeeded. Native Advertising.  Starting a shit-storm on Twitter. Using Twitter as direct quotes. They’re already written for you. Tuning out by ignoring media.

I was just driving around in my car and listening to KNX Los Angeles AM ratio 1070. Their news break was on, and I heard what can definitely be termed a native ad for the Kit Kat candy bar. The quick story told how the EU denied Kit Kat a trademark on their candy bar …

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