Psychologists, journalists and those in the health industry have been peppering you with messages about media consumption, screen time, and gaming. Yet, these people don’t quite understand how your kids work. They offer trite, simple advice like: Reduce screen time Set schedules Addiction is bad (black/white) Lock down devices Set-up security filters Don’t install certain …

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If you care about your financial and personal data being shared, this audio clip is fascinating. Give it a listen. TimeHop, LifeLock and Watch out millenials and college kids! Learn about app security breaches and your personal exposure. Any Questions? (949) 244-9440 Actual Human Contact

When I talk to people in my community about the Media Collusion book and course, they often think the content is mainly about advertising trickery and built-in media bias (it is on a superficial level). However, if you go deeper and get into the real goals and messaging behind the media examples, it really comes …

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