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“Variable reinforcement schedules” and apps designed for psychological addiction: Jonathan Haidt on Joe Rogan YouTube Channel

Jonathan Haidt, Social psychologist and author of The Coddling of the American Mind (2018), talks about alarming digital media trends that begin in 2012.

Some highlights:

“The creators of this technology do not let their kids have it. They know these things were made to be addictive, to grab eyeballs and not let go.”

“[The technologies] have gotten more and more addictive as they’ve evolved. Fortnite is an example of an extremely addictive game. If you’ve ever been to a casino and you’ve seen people sitting at those slot machines like zombies just hour after hour pulling that crank. . . There were psychologists working out the variable reinforcement schedule for the gambling companies. Psychologists helped the companies manipulate users. That’s happening to our kids, too [via social media and games]. They’re manipulated to stay on the device. . . Once we realize that these things are so attractive, that they crowd out all the other healthy activities like playing outside and playing with groups of friends, I think and hope we’ll set some reasonable norms.”

And below, my latest mini-presentations for introducing Media Collusion courses and free student guides. . .



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