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We’ve become very good at grabbing answers . . . A New Approach for Youth Media Education

Answers are everywhere these days. They’re a click away, an Alexa query within reach, a “hey Siri” request. The easiest thing to do these days is get a bite-sized answer. It’s the modern world’s commodity. (And it’s often a false solution to much larger, deeper questions.)

The Media Collusion course focuses on a different area – a different approach. We want the students to be the source of an answer. And not just any answer. Not the kind of answer a Google search turns up.

We’re challenging them to form larger thoughts that incorporate a broader range of considerations and data – the kind of answer that search results can’t provide.

We want them to read a book or watch long-form lectures on YouTube and then assimilate that information into a more nuanced, well-thought-out answer.

This is where value lies.

If your teens can put this together (with just the media as one specific subject to master), then they’ll have a lifelong skill that will prevent them from becoming bots that can be replaced by AI.

If their only value is to be quick with a Google search, they’re out of luck. The deeper thinkers, the ones who can assimilate complex sets of information and opinion, will succeed in the upcoming workplace.

They’ll be the thought leaders. They’ll be the sophisticated dinner guest. They’ll have a feeling inside that their personality and mind can provide something unique to the world.



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