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New Media Courses Address Digital-Age Education Crisis: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Corona del Mar, CA— January 29, 2019 Media Collusion launched new classes and workshops that address a growing health and education crisis across the country. The organization is a media watchdog and teaching group that recently published an interactive textbook directed at college-prep students: Media Collusion: Journalism and Marketing Experts Share the Secrets of Sneaky Advertising, Targeted Persuasion, AI and Tracking, Political Deception and Coercion, and Dishonest News.

“Young students encounter an unprecedented amount of commercial and political misinformation these days,” said Phil Dunn, author of Media Collusion. “It borders on propaganda, and it’s promoting everything from political division, which enriches media networks, to consumption of classic ‘snake oil’ products.”

“It’s detrimental to their mental health as well as their financial health,” continued Dunn. “It’s time to offer education that’s not being taught in traditional schools. When students don’t know how the forces around them are working, they can go through young life at a huge disadvantage. We want them to understand how they’re being manipulated and pitched.”

The Media Collusion courses cover media history, technique and the modern internet/smartphone landscape. According to Dunn, the courses offer students the ability to analyze and combat advertising strategies and be intentional about consumer choices. They also develop critical thinking skills that allow students to examine the motivations, economics and powers behind entertainment, news and advertising media.

“In a few short courses, I can take a relatively green student from a media novice to an expert in media literacy,” he said. “My students can spot specific examples across all media, including TV, books, newspapers, blogs, YouTube, podcasts, social media networks and video games.”

Dunn is a professional marketer and journalist with an M.A. in journalism from the University of Southern California, a B.A. in history from UC Berkeley, and 23 years of marketing, reporting and publishing experience. His company, Synapse Services Co., helps businesses tell their stories via digital marketing and content development strategies. He’s also the author of McGraw-Hill’s best-selling eBay marketing book The 7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing.


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