Honeydew Farms Native Ad

Native Advertising Colossus! Marijuana Video Nails the Format

Honeydew Farms (and sponsors) beautifully showcased by Growers Network Cannacribs YouTube Video

Native advertising is an art form when done right. This particular video shows you the high bar. 

There’s no trickery. The sponsors are clearly in there for a reason, and the sponsor that didn’t pay for the ad placement (the wine marketing company) gets bleeped out!!! 

This is simply a high-end video production – complete with fabulous drone footage and editing – that delights both the viewer and the sponsors. 

It seems like the kind of thing that modern-day YouTube is made for. I say modern-day, because, back in the day, YouTube wasn’t really the commercial platform it is today. It’s really unwatchable if you aren’t using the premium option. Sadly, any evidence of the early, open internet is quickly disappearing. 

Anyway, enjoy the video 😀



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