How Native Ads Work: Amazon Echo’s Alexa Gets Prime Time Placement [AUDIO]

If you’re a Media Collusion student, you can spot native ads in your sleep. This one is a gem. 

Amazon purchased what’s called a “native advertisement” – content that runs as news but is really pure advertising. 

Skilled ad copywriters and network producers know how to write them so they sound like common news stories. 

The problem is these stories take up big chunks of what’s presented us to NEWS and FACTS. It’s a bit of a sham (not to mention a waste of time).

In the past, news broadcasts reported on hard stories that affected real lives: fires, floods, robberies, laws and regulations. . . you know. 

Now, 24-hour news cycles demand fluff, and these media outlets are more than happy to fill them with paid advertising. They actually desperately need the revenue. The “news biz” is a tough go these days with all the internet competition. 



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