Katie Couric Misses the Boat – Kid Advertising Is Where the $$$ Is

How totally naive is this?: “Children’s time and attention should never be used for profit.” From the article:

What Our Brain On Tech Means for Kids and Adults Alike

My view from the comments section:

The final point seems a bit naive — “Don’t Target Kids with Ads.” One of Marvel’s biggest achievements in 2018 was introducing Thanos into Fortnite just when Infinity Wars was released. My daughter’s YouTube videos are full of product promotion. Four daily Instagram posts by Kim K. (essentially ads) pull more viewership than any typical NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL event. Network news media constantly insert native ads into their “coverage” (Starbucks, Toys R’ Us at Christmas, health and pharma promotion, the list goes on). 

I wholeheartedly agree with this: “. . . tech companies are built on an attention economy — meaning the business model incentives quantity of screen time over quality. He explained that there are thousands of engineers on the other side of our devices, manipulating our dopamine levels with features like phone dings, push notifications, and even the colors we see on screen. So if you feel like you can’t put your phone down, there’s a reason.”

Read The Attention Merchants (Tim Wu) or Trust Me, I’m Lying (Ryan Holiday) for clearer insights. 



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