“If These Facts Are True” – How Sources Pre-Judge Legal Outcomes [AUDIO]

Here’s a doozie for you. A mainstream media package uses a sourced clip where the “expert” uses a curious phrase: “If these facts are true . . . “

Ok. Take a breath and just think about that. Who says stuff like that? And what kind of credibility to they deserve?

In one phrase, the subject forces a huge contradiction together which should prove serious bias and immediately discredit him. 

A fact is a fact. It’s already true. You can’t say, “if these facts are true” unless you’ve already deemed them to be facts!

It’s a bit sickening that the mainstream media airs these kinds of clips without further scrutiny.

How are we supposed to trust the news media when they try to slip stuff like this past us?

Have a listen. 

It’s truly incredible. Or should I say, it’s credibly incredible? 



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