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No Agenda Show Splunk Meeting – Robert Muller NSA Crowdstrike


Producer Chris K attended a private or semi private demo from the crowd strike folks. The people who brought you the pew pew map and sent us a little report which I’d like to share.

Good day to the O. G. pod father sent you tweet about this week ago. I attended a crowd strike demo here’s a seventy a ton of screen shots which I will share with you John maybe put him in the newsletter. Being that I don’t know I don’t use it for anything but it’s just interesting to see.

It was an eye opening experience. I did get a few jokes in on the pew pew map and then doing the DNC server hack job and not the FBI there’s a producer ladies and gentleman. When I did that they seemed quite proud that they did the DNC break in the investigation and exposed those Russians as part of the hack. They are thoroughly convinced it was the Russians and not an inside job which is the theory I agree with. That was way too much data moved for it not to be done inside the network. I can’t see them transferring that much info that quickly over an internet connection.

Throughout the demo they threw out a lot of buzz terms. They said their staff for all former C. I. A. and NSA. The outsourcing of your intelligence. The guy who did the demo for me was a seven year veteran of the NSA. I’ve no doubt CrowdStrike is a project of the Intel community and now check this, because we know a lot of people who work at this company. They leverage Splunk to build out their product.

You know a lot of PodShow people want this blank. Brief me on this again.

Splunk is a product that you put on I think on top of a database. It’s basically a data mining engine and its used lot for recommendations and for some some funky way of using a database and obviously I’m doing a poor job of explaining it but it is a data mining tool. And they went public and everyone made a lot of cash over there.

They leverage Splunk to build out their product. I’ve used Splunk before so I’m not surprised this is the route they went it makes me wonder if Splunk is an Intel community project as well.

For them going public I would say yeah probably. They were a very successful offering.

I’m certain that the NSA is like the C. I. A. in that no one ever truly retires to just move on to another arm of the organization. I learned a lot about that from my wife’s granddad. He’s a retired CO (he has a whole bunch of private stuff here about what he did).

Back to the pitch: At times I found myself getting caught up in the sales pitch on all the fancy screens.

Of course my No Agenda inoculations kicked in and pulled me back from going full retard. Never go full retard.

Then he says: we never got to the pricing structure I’m still waiting for that whopper of a number to come back. It’s a nice product and I’ve no doubt it can replace anti-virus, malware and firewall functions at the desktop. Just like the Cisco fire power product it’s strength is in getting enough people to use the product in order to learn and detect new exploits and attacks. They talk about machine learning but they are very much using actual humans since the machines can’t learn yet with the so called AI. They referred to the team as the managed hunter team and they called them their force multiplier. They also offer what they call their white glove option. This is someone crazy enough to allow them to view all their data and step in when a live attack is detected and to remediate it for you. Anyone who chooses that option needs to be fired.

Below are some of the buzz terms they threw out. Not sure if this will help the show but I wanted to share what I learned as a fellow dude named Ben. Yes dudes name Ben make it happen. As always love the show grew up watching you on MTV and reading John’s columns. A bit overdue for a donation I need to rectify that. Here some of the buzz word terms one hundred twenty five billion events today. They only collect metadata DNA of an attack nation states indication of attack or I owe a non sales staff all ex CIA and NSA. IT. hygiene and built on Slunk.

Nice hyped up company.

Nothing nothing nothing there doesn’t make sense.

Led by a guy who was friends with Robert Muller. Yeah, who just indicted people based upon his buddies information from his commercial company. I’d say shaky at best.



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