Jordan Peterson Theo Von Discuss Youtube Technology As A Gutenberg Revolution


JORDAN PETERSON: YouTube isn’t a technology. Online video on demand is a technology, right? And online video on demand that has no barrier of cost to production is a new technology. And podcasts are a new technology, and they’re a major technology. So see about a year, two years ago, two years and a few months, I noticed that I had passed a million views on YouTube because I started putting my lectures up just out of curiosity. And I thought, wow, okay, what the hell am I supposed to make of that? A million is a lot. If I sold a million books, I’d be, I’d be happy. It never happens. Like it’s, it’s a runaway bestseller. You never get a million citations for a scientific paper. That never happens. A thousand is a, is a hell of a collection for citations. I thought, well, what is this place that was reserved for cute cat videos? And I thought, and all these people, they’re watching these university lectures, they’re, high level lectures, you know, and there’s a huge public market for it. I thought, well, that’s really interesting. It’s like I thought, oh, I see. Here’s what’s going on, this is a Gutenberg revolution. The spoken word is now as powerful as the written word. It’s just as widely distributed and more people can access it because they don’t have to read and it, it uses found time and there’s no barrier to entry and people can communicate back because they can cut the videos. It’s like, oh, I see this is, this is revolution. And so then I think, I see what’s happening. It’s the people who are on the forefront of this are being cascaded forward like a surfer on a giant wave on this technological transformation. And so, you know, obviously people are responding to my content, but a huge part of it is while there’s a whole new medium and it’s a two, two of the YouTube, that’s a big deal. Video on demand like that. Which also enables long form discussion is huge. But then podcasts, they might even be a bigger deal because people use found time and so that’s really helped me put it in perspective. I’m actually happier about that because you know, you might think, well, isn’t it gratifying to know that your message is reaching? Well now it’s millions of people and it’s like, yeah, but if there’s danger in that, it’s like, well, what the hell? Why am I at the center of this? Or as center of this? Like, is there something special about my messages? Is there something special about me. It’s like, and you might think, well, I hope so. It’s like, no, you don’t necessarily hope so. Yeah, you know, it’s very dangerous.

THEO VON: Very dangerous.

JORDAN PETERSON: Fine. Well, yeah, and it also puts you a very peculiar position and it’s like, oh no, I see what’s happening is I’m an early adopter of a revolutionary technology. Oh yes, that’s good. And then fine, I’m competent, doubt it, and hopefully what I’m doing is helpful, but let’s not underestimate the technology.



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