Climate Propaganda from Your Friendly Psychologist Expert

Climate Propaganda from Your Friendly Psychologist Expert


NO AGENDA SHOW HOSTS: And the CBC the current as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation today special and on this special about climate change. They had a guest. The guest is Margaret Klein Solomon, and she of course is involved in climate change, but she’s not a climatologist. No, she’s a clinical psychologist of the climate mobilization organization. So they’re now doing half hour specials with psychologists about forget about anything. That’s true or not in science how fast it’s going to happen. Just listen to the set up and then we’ll get into a couple of clips.

SOT: My name is Deborah Harford. I’m the executive director of the adaptation to climate change team at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. A low-carbon resilient future is a beautiful one with a lot less noisy, polluting cars filling up most of our urban downtown areas. More parks, more areas for kids to play, more places for people to grow food, more shared spaces, more places where people can come together and enjoy their environment.

I had a very interesting presentation from a woman who works with small children recently. And so she asks them to draw she says if we carry on and know how we’re living in the future. What do you think the future looks like, and she said that without fail they draw a world in which everything is on fire and everything is dead and everyone is sick.

NO AGENDA SHOW HOSTS: Oh God, so she’s already, she can’t she’s emotional just from hearing the damage that has already done and I believe this to be true. Damage to the kids. Yes, the children are thinking that everything will be on fire and everybody’s dead. Now that this is a great piece one of our producers sent it to him and he like the highlight is that you will not believe what’s going on here and he’s right. So I chop this up couple and they’re all about a minute each clip just for more clips. This is now we get to Margaret crying Solomon Klein Solomon and she has of course solutions. It’s all not just dire as long as we do it within the next 12 years. Otherwise me know the kids will be drawing those pictures of fire and everyone will be dead.

SOT: We are calling for a 10-year crash transition to zero emissions plus drawdown and attempt to achieve full spectrum sustainability across across issues

NO AGENDA SHOW HOSTS: Remember she’s a psychologist. Okay. She’s not the climatologist not a weather scientist. She’s a psychologist, but she knows what the golf idea being. This is not a problem.

SOT: We are too late in the game for gradualism. Right to incrementally reduce emissions or for individualism, right the idea that I take care of my missions you take care of your emissions and so forth what we envision is a rapid transition of our entire economy and society with all hands on deck as most recently happened in our history during World War II. So for example, some of the policies that would come from a World War II scale climate mobilization would be the immediate ban of all new fossil fuel infrastructure and a 10-year timeline for retiring the fossil fuel infrastructure that we do have coupled because we want to keep the lights on. With a massive scale up of renewable energy. So large government investment creating millions of jobs to both reduce demand through things like winterizing homes.

NO AGENDA SHOW HOSTS: We’re all going to burn but the kids can winterize your home. No worries reduce demand through things like winterizing homes!

SOT: And just transform our Energy System to renewable we also and we also have policies and agriculture transportation. Can an industry that we promote but that’s the that’s the basic scope.

NO AGENDA SHOW HOSTS: All right delusional, how am I you know, this is not delusional it’s subversive. Yes. It is system is a we are this the entire world system of Western Civilization at this moment is petroleum-based. This is a subversive movement to bring down the Western cultures. To replace it with this is the same as the anti-capitalist people capitalism is bad. We wanted we need to replace it with what were these jobs? What jobs they Tom it’s not have winterizing jobs. Nobody needs people do that themselves. They want to they can put some gunite, you know in the house. I’m gonna night so transparently subversive. It’s beyond my. Comprehension is how it lives allowed to continue like this. Well, it continues for at least two more clips. Yes three, by the way. Yeah, and I hope they’re toppers. This so now she’s comparing it to World War II. We need to we need to crash transition which she means by that and the whole piece is filled with, you know, did your parents buy war bonds yet?, you know because everyone was all in on now, we’ve got to support the war everybody and she thinks that we can do exactly the same.

SOT: Well great example is the Victory Gardens so during World War II 40% of American vegetables were grown at home in the front and back yard by the people that ate them.

NO AGENDA SHOW HOSTS: Do you can you recall this? I know about the Victory Gardens. I don’t believe that statistic to. Accurate you can eat it for maybe a month, but you got to have a pretty big Garden. Well you have to do a lot of canning canning was pop. Yes. It was very popular. Yes, you do a lot of canning it but you know, this is this is the farms out there in the middle of the Midwest and elsewhere that normally grow vegetable stop growing vegetables, but they want is they want us to eat that that laboratory meat. And bugs right?

SOT: We can farm our lawns and have community Farms. We’re so which increases, you know local food security and also, you know, you don’t have emissions from transportation, but more generally programs like transitioning industry, right? So the United States banned the production of new consumer automobiles. They said we need all of that automobile factory capacity to create our tanks and planes and machine guns. And so no more no more consumer car production stopped period sorry it’s a fundamentally different mentality when you get into the mode of we face an existential threat, everything is on the line and. But you know, so the government is going to do everything that it can the government should spend without limit to save as much life as possible.

NO AGENDA SHOW HOSTS: Again, she’s not an economist. She’s not a science climatologist. She’s a psychologist and I’m not so sure these are great ideas that she has. But it turns out in the psychology field. She does have a little bit to say about this idea of just a crash transition to immediately stopping using fossil fuel. Stop driving, everything electric because back in the day and World War II would actually people kind of liked it.

SOT: The people who lived through World War Two on the homefront often looked back at it as some of the best years of their lives. Yeah because they felt. Productively and meaningfully employed in a cause that was greater than them and they felt connected to their neighbors and to their community and to their country and to their cause and the hopefulness the hopefulness. Yes, we need that but it but it has to be based on reality and on telling the truth and there is no hope for a smooth transition to zero emissions for over over decades that kind of doesn’t bother anyone maybe we could have done that if we had started it in the 70s, but we didn’t and they should have gone up every year and we need a crash transition to protect ourselves. And even if we do it, even if we execute the most austere and intense transition to zero emissions, we still might not win. You don’t know if you’re going to win a war before go into it. It’s possible that the positive feedback loops that we’ve already triggered will overwhelm our absolute best efforts to get to zero emissions, but we’re not even trying them.

NO AGENDA SHOW HOSTS: Now see this is the message that’s being sent to kids by psychologists who should know better but. Doesn’t matter because the best thing you can do is record those kids get their thoughts on climate change get that thoughts on the imminent death they face because their parents and the adults and orange man bad orange, man bad won’t do anything about it in Washington DC. Let’s traumatize them a little more and ask them how they feel with some cool piano music just to accentuate the vibe.

SOT: My name is Elizabeth curtain. I’m 10 years old and I live in Winnipeg. Being a young person when I find most concerning about climate change is that like animals can lose their homes like polar bears if the ice and melts. My name is Arthur. I am eight year and nine years old. I live in Halloween. a bit scary cuz I live. Near the ocean and another Glacier them also will make the water will close to my house. My name is Ben. Vo I am 15 and I live in Montreal Quebec. I think that it’s time for the government to do big things. But just because just because the government are doing big things doesn’t mean that people should stop doing small things that everyone should just you know without necessarily. Replacing everything yet. Just do what they can to reduce the footprint and help us not be doomed. My name is me out. Just out. I’m 12 years old and I live in Winnipeg the thing that scares me. The most of a climate change is literally everything it’s terrifying. It’s it’s kind of pushed to the side and it’s. Not knowing anything about it is kind of what scares me about it and just knowing that it’s gonna kill us if we don’t do anything, which we’re not doing anything. That’s the serious part to me. My name is Patrick. I’m 10 years old and I was born in China. But now I live in Vancouver spy young children will experience far worse than the people living right now also. Scares me that floods hurricanes and other natural disasters are way more likely than in the past 5 years, I think grown-ups should think that we actually should make an impact. I’m not just sit back and let it happen.


NO AGENDA SHOW HOSTS: That’s right kids your parents aren’t doing anything because the orange man isn’t doing anything and you all going to die. Embellishment shilled child abuse child abuse and add to that. Your school can be shot up at any minute throw in a couple of antidepressants. You got a great party coming on. It’s going to be fantastic watch these kids to fantastically well in society.




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