Brad Parscale Clip 4 – Cambridge Analytica and the Trump Campaign Farce – No Agenda Show


ADAM CURRY: This next piece is really you know it is a real nugget. I’m just going to ask you what is your impression of the Trump campaign’s involvement with Cambridge Analytica and data. What do you know about that just from what is the accepted truth on Snopes

JOHN C. DVORAK: Well Snopes. It’s I really don’t know that there was a connection between data between Analytica and Facebook. I think it is what we’re talking about. And Trump necessarily.

ADAM CURRY: The way I understood the story, the way the narrative plays is Cambridge Analytica. Bannon went over there. Bannon set it all up and they had illegally accessed Facebook data and then that data was merged with all kinds of stuff for this massive smart micro-targeting.

JOHN C. DVORAK: Well I think we’ve already made the case that it was never illegal on this show.

ADAM CURRY: I think you’ll be surprised when you hear what his answer is.

INTERVIEWER: The Trump campaign paid Cambridge Analytica nearly six million bucks. What you get for that money?

PARSCALE: Five million dollars that was a TV buy. So you got to wipe off five million dollars. Steve Bannon made a purchase of TV advertising. That was that ran on the East Coast. They have a television division whether they literally just placed television. They’re paid. I think approximate on eight hundred thousand dollars. We receive staff. The reason I hired Cambridge Analytica was actually not for Cambridge Analytica. I didn’t know about their company I did anything about them. They had hired some of the Scott Walker digital team in 2015. These were the guys that had really helped Scott Walker re-elect. And there was indicating Matt Oczkowski. When I met Cambridge I thought they were full of crap. But I met Matt Oczkowski and I really liked him. He had experience running a very well targeted to create brand digital campaign. I actually wanted to hire him without Cambridge, and he said I’m under contract. So I asked him for an employment contract. And so I hired them for staff only. And each one of the payments between then and Election Day were for staff only. And then Matt worked on my team with four or five of his people. And they mainly ran pulling visualization and support staff to all the things we need to do to you know get things done digitally. I actually hired him generally for any day to work. To hire them for any other data.

INTERVIEWER: Did you regret any affiliation with Cambridge Analytica.

PARSCALE: Hindsight’s 20/20 now. I don’t regret. I don’t regret because I’m sitting here today and Donald Trump’s president. So I’m not gonna regret that decision. You know. It’s sad what Cambridge Analytica executives did but I barely knew him didn’t even have anything like contact with him. Everybody hired him until the day after the election. I actually never talked to any those guys.

ADAM CURRY: So we don’t know how truthful this is. But I’ve never heard this version of the story.



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