Brad Parscale Clip 3 – Facebook Political Ad Strategy Backfires: Free Ads! – No Agenda Show


ADAM CURRY: So then the you know of course there’s Facebook is doing things like oh we’re going to publish all the ads and show that there are political ads everyone can see the ads and we all know it’s good transparency.

INTERVIEWER: And what do you mean. What do you make of the fact that you know How does it change your strategy going into 2020. The fact that Facebook changed some of its policies about for instance they’re going to now.

PARSCALE: Show all the ads? It just saves me a bunch of money because now everybody can see my ads for free.

INTERVIEWER: So it’s not it doesn’t hamstring you in any way in terms of what ads you can show to what people?

PARSCALE: No it just lets other people see my ads for free. It’s kind of like a gift.

ADAM CURRY: The guy’s head is going [explosion sound]. How can this be?



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