Brad Parscale Clip 2 – How Mainstream Media Stopped Reporting News to Pad the Bottom Line


ADAM CURRY: The rest of my clips are not as long but I think it’s really important to hear some of this because it’s debunking a lot of the theories that we’ve been blanketed with. Now this guy maybe full of crap . . . 

JOHN C. DVORAK: I don’t think so, I think he’s right on the money. This other guy is full of crap.

ADAM CURRY: Well that’s what makes it entertaining to listen to. So now, another tact, well. Hold on a second you know it’s misleading, you don’t know if it’s an ad, it could be just you know it shows up as content, you know people don’t know it’s advertising it’s you know this is the trying to slipping. . .

JOHN C. DVORAK: Gee this never happens in the New York Times with their native ad program.

ADAM CURRY: Oh! Well he didn’t quite answer it that way but it came close.

INTERVIEWER: Do you think it was clear in 2017 that there was a substantive difference between in Facebook feed between ads and content?

PARSCALE: It says ad on it.

INTERVIEWER: And sponsored content.

PARSCALE: It says sponsored.

INTERVIEWER: And you think that an American voter is actually, is gonna know the difference between that?

PARSCALE: Yeah I mean, I’ll tell you much worse is you open up the Wall Street Journal or you open the New York Times. Do you know the difference between an opinion piece and a news piece?

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, you do.


INTERVIEWER: For sure there’s and editorial page.

PARSCALE: There’s one word, one word underneath their title that says opinion. What’s the difference between the one word that says sponsored?

ADAM CURRY: I love how the interviewer you know thinks the American public is stupid. Yeah they’re stupid but, when it’s the New York Times of course the people who read the New York Times they see the word opinion and obviously. . . 

JOHN C. DVORAK: Because the New York Times readers are so much smarter.


INTERVIEWER: I think that people know that when, first of all, it’s not, if you look back to how things were done in 2016.

PARSCALE: No. 60 percent of the content now on major newspapers and on on major outlets now are opinion pieces. 30 years ago it was less than like 10 percent. We have turned into an entire media company that, a media outlet system that is mainly based on opinion and commentary instead of news. So you turn on any major news channel tonight and see how much of it is commentary and how much of it is news, that has flipped. I think that what has happened . . . 

INTERVIEWER: Well the news industry would say in response to that. . . 

PARSCALE: It’s what makes the money.

INTERVIEWER: Well it’s the only way to get engagement.

PARSCALE: To make money.

JOHN C. DVORAK: No no no, the guy the interviewee, the Trump guy is right. Cause it makes them money. Online does not pay the way print does, so you have to start pulling these stunts to get attention. Opinion does a much better job at it, and then paid content. So you just buy these stories and put em in there and that’s what these guys have to do to survive.

ADAM CURRY: That doesn’t fit into this interviewer’s brain. Because he’s pure. He’s pure of journalistic thought.

INTERVIEWER: What engages people when Facebook is your news source is opinion and is polarizing.

PARSCALE: I would say that what the Trump campaign put up online was 100 times more real than all the news articles that were put up.

INTERVIEWER: Are you serious? In what way?

PARSCALE: Because I would read the articles right in front of us, and they were false – one after another after another. Because I was actually in the room. I was with him. I listened to him. I was in all the meetings. Piece after piece after piece was full of anonymous sources, single-sourced content, fake stories over and over again. Every day. Every day. It’s why I record this conversation. It’s why everything I do now, I have to think that everyone’s going to do something fake against me. 




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