Brad Parscale Blows Lid Off of Social Media Strategy – No Agenda Show – Clip 1


Interviewer: Does it work in the advantage. I mean I’m just wondering because you know how social media works right. You know what the algorithm favors content that’s engaging favors content that that is emotional off to some degree. So you’re saying that the messaging that the campaign did not play on that in any way.

PARSCALE: It did because the American people are the reason why it went viral is because people were seeking that message.

INTERVIEWER: Was it in any way seen as an opportunity to or the chance to experiment in that with different messaging for instance that there wouldn’t be. I mean granted people could share right and I get right back there. The rules are very different and the game is very different than on TV a lot more people see it. It’s exposing close to

PARSCALE: In truth it’s actually less. If I run an ad in only Eastern Washington on a local DMA who all sees it?

ADAM CURRY: just so understand DME he’s talking about a demographic area in a television local television media buy. This is a little technical but it’s interesting because he’s basically dispelling everything that they’ve thought about this campaign and Facebook.

PARSCALE: It’s actually less. If I run an ad in only Eastern Washington on a local DMA who else sees it? Only people in eastern DMA of Washington right. So if I run a Facebook ad in that same DMA and they share it with people in L.A. who just saw more there is if I could give you all that mail. Same way less shared. The difference is that when the left saw that we use it so well they they panicked and thought that that. Somehow. We twisted people’s minds but which didn’t happen because they couldn’t explain it because they once lost control. That’s the beauty of the Internet because the ads could be shared because it was so open it allowed it to expand and to become a movement because the actual opposite of what they want to believe.

ADAM CURRY: So he basically had one hundred million dollars and just bought the right right ads for the right people and just focused on the right areas.



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