Opinion Vs. News: Trump Adviser Brad Parscale on the Big Media Shift

Political passions aside, this illuminating interview between Trump advisor Brad Parscale and PBS Frontline journalist James Jacoby describes the new media world we now inhabit where opinion and commentary drives ad revenue. 

The interviewer and interviewee have much different opinions on how smart or stupid the American public is with respect to the way news is presented. 

Show clip compliments of No Agenda – the best podcast in the universe


* 60% of content on major media outlets are now opinion pieces

* 30 years ago that number was 10%

* Opinion and commentary sell ads. News does not. According to the PBS interviewer, it’s “only way to get engagement” 

Ultimately online business models are different than print. Opinion stunts do a much better job of capturing eyeballs, and everyone in the business knows this. Focus, attention and advertising opportunities are nowhere near the level achieved with broadcast programming and physical media (newspapers, magazines and the like).  




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