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PR Stunt – Baiting Millenials for Baseball [AUDIO]


  • PR and promotion on mainstream programming.
  • All news is good news for PR people.
  • Get the story on the air and you’ve succeeded. Native Advertising. 
  • Starting a shit-storm on Twitter.
  • Using Twitter as direct quotes. They’re already written for you.
  • Tuning out by ignoring media.

Speaker 1: A minor league baseball team is playing on the stereotypes of millennials.

Speaker 2: Pick at the ball.

Speaker 1: In an attempt to draw more young people to a game this weekend. Speaker 3: I am taking looking for.

Speaker 1: Offering what the Montgomery biscuits identify as millennials favorite things ranging from avocados to selfies stations a section for napping and don’t forget the participation ribbons.

Speaker 3: 80% of the people in our front office are Millennials myself included and we’re just having some fun with some of the cliches that people point out about Millennials.

Speaker 1: Very crowd exceeds study in landing igniting an eruption of backlash on social media..

Speaker 4: Rupture and targeting Millennials it’s sort of targeting older generations who like to make fun of Millennials and like to say that Millennials don’t like working and don’t really like.

Speaker 1: So every greek comment another appears to fire back in defense one person tweeting Bravo biscuits you know Millennials won’t dig in unless it’s gluten-free none of whom are even remotely offended by the theme night.

Speaker 2: I don’t think very bite in many thing shower buyer sold to passion negative wide it generation head off trend on my quite of it this is sensitive then maybe like just have they could scan.

Speaker 1: Earlier this year the Lexington legends faced similar criticism for their millennial night before reporting.

Speaker 3: Right before I play the rest of the clip, first of all, I love the millennial reports on the millennial story and she actually says glue and.

Speaker 2: Blue in.

Speaker 3: Blue what did t do to everybody the T is an important.

Speaker 4: Pissed off at the T.

Speaker 3: Who and who and gluten layer [LAUGHTING].

Speaker 4: So to me this was very telling this clip not so much as just funny because I think it’s a very funny idea like the humor of it that’s American humor we’re very good at it what I saw with this report is that it and you’ll hear in a moment it not only did not affect people who went it actually brought more people to the event but that the outrage sorry.

Speaker 3: I say that’s was the idea.

Speaker 4: Yeah, well you’ll hear exactly that because of course it was a PR stunt do it I mean it’s obviously a PR stunt but the what I noticed is that the outrage was all on Twitter ma’am they were just showing all the tweets and people just angry yelling at each other but then in real life it really wasn’t that big a deal and of course these bombs these little nuggets are launched by PR companies into the machine and then it bubbles up very quickly and I think the job of most journals these days is just trolling on Twitter because all I really ever see is blue checkmark saying hey can I use that picture hey can you contact me hey anybody hey do you know about this please DM me so we can talk about this way you know what I mean it’s like that they seem to just be looking for stories on Twitter.

Speaker 4: Well, I find it as of a few years back when I started bitching about the fact and I think we had some segments on it where they won’t even get quotes they just quote people’s Twitter account.

Speaker 4: Yeah, well exactly they just. Speaker 3: Literally said then Trump has made it worse at the institutionalizing.

Speaker 4: Yes, it’s become the reporting is just reading the tweets you’re right which is probably why I’m ignoring that. Speaker 3: Right. Speaker 4: So but so the outrage and you’re seeing this happen and everything and the mainstream is him you can see the flow it’s very direct someone starts a shitstorm it was online you have to do it on Twitter that’s the place face back doesn’t work for this you got to do it on Twitter the hits trending the journals go look at it and then they make that their news report because it’s basically free content you’ve got everything you want you it’s written for you just read out the tweets you know the out the outrage is there you maybe just do a stand-up drop your T’s and you’re good to go you got a beautiful report which is funny.

Speaker 5: Beautiful.

Speaker 4: View about beautiful but all this outrage lives online and the end I think people could really improve their health by just tuning tuning out a little bit.

Speaker 3: Tuning out dropping out to not open acid.

Speaker 4: To not a little bit.

Speaker 3: I have a clip that’s good.

Speaker 4: Let me just play the last bit of this you can help.

Speaker 3: That you were done. Speaker 1: Earlier this year last legends face similar criticism for their millennial night before reporting increased attendance the game.

SOT: From a PR professionals perspective they’re kind of accomplishing what all of us want to accomplish and that is people talking about your organization not only here locally but I mean it’s got a lot of reach outside of our own community outside of our state as.

Speaker 4: Well there you go that’s where you want you want people talking about you it proves that the mainstream is nothing but advertising for everything even the stories are advertising.



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