Whoopi Goldberg Gets Into Heated Debate with Fox News Judge Jeanine Pirro Who Said She Had 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'


Credit: The View

Whoopi Goldberg vs. Judge Jeanine Pirro Tiff – Follow the Money – No Agenda Show Analysis

This 3-minute clip has great analysis of what’s really going on behind the scenes with TV shows and their guests. There’s a major publishing deal at stake. Questions: Will Whoopi Goldberg have to walk it back? Will she get fired and pretend to quit? 

Big $$ is at stake for Disney, Center Street Press and Hatchett. 


John C. Dvorak: I just didn’t see that what aired is what was important not what went on backstage anything goes on. I did not see why if she gets kicked off the show there has to be some reason other than than this incident. Because she’s nuts anyway.

Adam Curry: Whoopi [Goldberg] can’t get kicked off of the show.

John C. Dvorak: Sure she could.

Adam Curry: No man she’s too important for the show.

John C. Dvorak: Not when it comes to this level of mercantile kind of cross-promotion. Justice Janine’s publisher is the Center Street Press Center Street press is owned by Hachette who is slowly becoming one of the biggest publishers in the world by buying up everybody including Wenners [Wenner Media] operation Jann Wenner’s operation and Disney’s Hyperion which they just picked up recently when these deals go down they’re big deals and there’s a lot of you know wink-wink nudge-nudge we’re going to get you to do some promotion will promote you promote us you rub our back we rub your back.

Adam Curry: Yes she was there for the book. Big mistake Whoopi.

John C. Dvorak: And they don’t go for this like this is interfering with commerce.

Adam Curry: Yeah.

John C. Dvorak: Yeah, Whoopi can have her stupid opinions about whatever she thinks you know that is going on. But this is interfering with commerce. You know judge Jeanine went back to her publisher who booked her there shoot out somebody who chewed out somebody at Hachette who chewed out somebody at Disney. We’ll see what happens.

Adam Curry: Yeah, I think that is a very good point, so how long has this been a property of the same company?

John C. Dvorak: The Hyperion which was a development of Disney they started in negotiations to buy the company in 2005 I think and, so they’ve been. But they’ve been in bed with each other. Because Disney needs a publishing company.

Adam Curry: Right.

John C. Dvorak: And they don’t I mean. Because they’re doing they do a lot of business with publishing companies the Marvel and. Adam Curry: Marvel [LAUGHING].

John C. Dvorak: Marvel which is the name of a chip company anyway they don’t you know this is like part of the business you do these kinds of things you don’t let your hosts think that they’re, so important which is what Whoopi would be does think she’s, so important that she can get away with this you really have to slap these people down once in a while.

Adam Curry: Yeah, when you get to the Commerce level yes. Because I’m sure judge Janine’s book would be it’s going to be a seller.

John C. Dvorak: So that’s what I think might be going on if anything happens even though it’ll be handled you know Whoopi’s going to voluntarily quit if this is it was just what the rumor is she’s going to voluntarily quit which means she didn’t voluntarily quit.

Adam Curry: Right, right, right, right, right, so where is this rumor

John C. Dvorak: Shot disclosure sign where she can’t disparage the company.

Adam Curry: Where’s this rumor showing up my view?

John C. Dvorak: Not disparagement agreement it’s called you know though job.

Adam Curry: But where’s the rumor showed up that she may not be returning on Monday?

John C. Dvorak: It’s out there.



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