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Be the Guardian of Your Mind, Body and Soul

When I talk to people in my community about the Media Collusion book and course, they often think the content is mainly about advertising trickery and built-in media bias (it is on a superficial level).

However, if you go deeper and get into the real goals and messaging behind the media examples, it really comes down to health issues.

Brendon Burchard explains this quite eloquently in his book The Motivation Manifesto:

“We let such useless information, tripe, and stupidity into our minds. We dumbly consume words, images, and sounds from salacious sources that masquerade their alerts and offers as somehow relevant to our lives. This is the news media that pretends some ignorant and extremist view might enlighten us, the network that says the reality of a few entitled brats being filmed without filter might entertain us, the webpage that cons us into thinking we are miserable without their product. From all this we do not grow wiser but less informed, not entertained but numbed, not wealthier but poorer.”

“Seeing people being petty on television a million times makes us pettier. As guardian of our mind, we mustn’t allow the trite and negative to enter so easily. We should be conscious of the information entering our minds. If we set out to learn something, let us be purposeful about the source, seeking to feed our brain with positive, empowering information that moves our lives forward. If we want to be entertained, let us choose the form of entertainment that would truly enliven us – that would bring a depth of understanding or appreciation into our lives. In all cases, let us remain at our post as the protector of a healthy and vital mind. What we see and hear and allow into our brains shapes our personality and our destiny.” [my emphasis in bold]

These aspirations are the exact description of my goals when setting out to write Media Collusion: Journalism and Marketing Experts Share the Secrets of Sneaky Advertising, Targeted Persuasion, AI and Tracking, Political Deception and Coercion, and Dishonest News.

The course and text give young people the tools to see media for what it is and make personal choices about what to consume and how to act.

The skills they acquire allow them to operate in the world outside of the drones and the sheep. They understand how everything is structured and exactly who is working diligently to persuade them of things they may or may not find useful to their lives.

Remember, there’s an entire industry dedicated to the art and science of persuasion, and most of their practitioners work in the advertising, PR, marketing and mass media industries.

There is a coordinated (and semi-coordinated) effort to convince individuals to adopt specific attitudes and motivations in order to influence purchasing, shape political thinking and embed lifelong attitudes into our minds.

Only the truly brave can take back their personal power and marshall their defenses against such tactics.

This is the mission and purpose behind the Media Collusion book and the companion media awareness bootcamps.

Buy the book today (or contact me directly for a review copy) and sign up for one of our free preview events to get a closer look.



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