AUDIO: Toys R Us Native Ad Christmas Package No Agenda

Here’s the summary: The reporter talks about how a customer at Toys ‘R Us put $200 on layaway to buy some Christmas items for her family. (Layaway, a system of paying a deposit to secure an item for later purchase, is a dated concept.) The story goes that some anonymous stranger paid off her layaway charges in the spirit of Christmas. At the end of the story, they claim that someone else in another state did the same thing to the tune of $20,000. Some random person paid off bills for $20k worth of toys. The piece even encourages people to get out there in case the trend continues! By the way, why not cover the $20,000 story and be done with it? That’s way more than $200. My guess is that the local stations are pitched to use a local person and the local Toys ‘R Us picks up the small expense so they can make the story local. The $20,000 bit at the end just sweetens the bit. It’s so great!

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